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Safe Schools

The Huntington Beach Union High School District (HBUHSD) is a member of the HB Safe Schools Coalition, which is comprised of local school districts and the Huntington Beach Police Department. The Safe Schools Coalition was created to respond to a critical school incident (examples: an armed intruder, a local power plant catastrophe) that requires a school evacuation offsite. In the event any HBUHSD school experiences a critical incident and must evacuate students offsite, staff from our other schools, along with police and city employees will activate an evacuation plan so parents/guardians and their students can be reunified as soon as possible.

The evacuation plan is designed to protect students and keep them safe. Police, school, and city personnel have been trained and are prepared to implement the plan. In order to maintain student safety during the evacuation process, our schools are relying on parent/guardian cooperation. The following instructions are provided so parents/guardians/authorized persons have an overview of the plan and understand the procedures for reuniting with their child after an evacuation.


In the event of a critical school incident that requires a school evacuation offsite, designated locations have already been established to determine where the students will be evacuated and where parents/guardians/authorized persons will respond.

Students will be evacuated to the Huntington Beach Central Library (7811 Talbert Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647). Parents/guardians/authorized persons will go to the Huntington Beach Sports Complex (18100 Goldenwest St., Huntington Beach, CA 92647) where they will be reunited with their student.


  • Notification of the school evacuation will be announced through school communication systems and through other media.
  • PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE SCHOOL as this will decrease safety, slow down the evacuation process, and will result in delays in family reunification.
  • Parents/guardians/authorized persons go to the Huntington Beach Sports Complex and look for a yellow school bus, which will be parked in the northwest corner of the sports complex parking lot. The bus will be used as a landmark to identify the Parent Check-In Area, which is where parents/guardians/authorized persons will fill out a check-in form for each student they want to pick up.
  • After parents/guardians/authorized persons fill out a check-in form, they will wait at the Student Release Area which is located at the turf soccer fields at the Sports Complex. Bring your ID with you.

When the student is ready to be released, they will be escorted by school personnel from the library to the Student Release Area where the student will be released to the parent/guardian/authorized person.

Our district is dedicated to keeping our students safe, and this is one more way we can stay prepared to do just that.