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Huntington Beach Union High School District

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Contact Information

Department Emails - [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

William Kerwin
Director, Purchasing/Contracts/Risk Management
Ext. 50370
[email protected]
Janet Phillips
Risk Management Technician (Benefits/Training)
Ext. 50371
[email protected]

Terri Curtis
Risk Management Technician (Safety/Inspection/Training)
Ext. 50372
[email protected]
Amy Weisman
(Acting) Risk Management Technician (Benefits)
Ext. 50373
[email protected]

HBUHSD Injury / Illness / Incident Form

If you are an employee or student who has experienced an injury, incident, or illness that you need to report -  please fill in the above form.  This will copy the District's Risk Management Department. If this is an emergency - Please use 911 or seek immediate medical attention - and complete this form when time allows.

HBUHSD - Code of General Safety Practices

  1. All persons shall follow these safe practice rules, render every possible aid to safe operations, and report all unsafe conditions or practices to his/her supervisor.
  2. Supervisors shall insist that their employees observe and obey every rule, regulation, and order as is necessary to the safe conduct of work, and the supervisor shall take any necessary action as is necessary to obtain this observance.
  3. All employees shall be offered frequent accident prevention and workplace safety training opportunities, in compliance with law, and for promotion of best safety practices, including supervisor-led training, online training, and 3rd party training.
  4. Anyone who is known or suspected to be under the influence of drugs or intoxicating substances that impair their ability to safely perform their assigned duties shall not be allowed on the job while in that condition.
  5. Horseplay, scuffling, and other acts that could cause an adverse impact on the safety or well-being of the employees is strictly prohibited.
  6. Supervisors and employees shall plan and supervise work so as to prevent injuries in the handling of materials and in working together with equipment.
  7. No employee shall be permitted or required to work while the employee’s ability or alertness is so impaired by fatigue, illness, or other causes that it might expose the employee or others to injury.
  8. Employees shall not enter manholes, underground vaults, chambers, tanks, silos, or other similar places that receive little ventilation, without first determining that is safe to enter.
  9. Employees and supervisors shall ensure that all guards/protective devices for equipment and tools are in correct places and are properly adjusted, and shall report any deficiencies promptly.
  10. The crowding, pushing, or cramming by passengers when boarding or leaving any vehicle or other conveyance shall be prohibited.
  11. Workers shall not handle or tamper with any electrical equipment, machinery, or air or water lines in a manner not within the scope of their duties.
  12. All injuries shall be reported immediately to a supervisor, school nurse, or administrator, so that immediate medical care or first aid treatment can be offered.
  13. Use proper lifting techniques when lifting heavy objects
  14. Clothing and footwear shall be appropriate to the activity being performed (e.g. steel toe shoes for shop activities).
  15. Materials, tools, or other objects shall not be thrown from buildings or structures, and proper precautions shall be taken to protect others from the falling objects.