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Huntington Beach Union High School District

Employee General Safety and Job Related Online Training Courses

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The Huntington Beach Union High School District, though its content provider - TargetSolutions - offers a comprehensive catalog of online courses for district employees. Courses are designed to enhance knowledge and promote safety in educational environments, covering a wide range of topics for principals, teachers, supervisors, librarians, custodians, food service employees, maintenance, and school safety personnel.  Courses cover the following categories: Emergency Operations Management, Environmental, Health, Human Resources, Library Services, Nutrition Service, School Safety & Behavioral and Transportation.



  • Alcohol Abuse on Campus
  • Campus and Community Relations
  • Campus Awareness and Crime Prevention
  • Campus Security Report Writing
  • Crime and Incident Scene Protection
  • Critical Incident Response in the School Environment
  • Physical Security in the School Environment
  • Fire and Emergency Response Planning
  • Legal Responsibilities
  • Residence Hall Security
  • Special Events


  • Adjusting to Changing Driving Conditions (EDU)
  • Bus Drivers: Ergonomics and Avoiding Injury (EDU)
  • Defensive Driving Strategies (EDU)
  • Distracted Driving (EDU)
  • Driver Safety Orientation (EDU)
  • Driving Accidents & Emergencies (EDU)
  • Large Vehicle Characteristics (EDU)
  • Passenger Van Safety (EDU)
  • Safe Use of Utility Vehicles (EDU)
  • School Bus Behavior and Discipline (EDU)
  • Special Education Transportation: Handling Needs on Mixed Buses (EDU)
  • Special Education Transportation: Laws and Regulations (EDU)
  • Special Education Transportation: Lifts and Mobility Equipment (EDU)
  • Special Education Transportation: Types of Disabilities and Special Needs (EDU)
  • Special Education Transportation: Transportation Problems (EDU)



  • Child Abuse: Mandated Reporter Training (EDU)
  • Ethics in the Workplace (EDU)
  • Introduction to Understanding the Basics of LGBT Identities (EDU)
  • Introduction to Understanding the Rights of LGBT Students (EDU)
  • Maintaining Professional Staff/Student Boundaries (EDU)
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment: Students (EDU)
  • Sexual Harassment Awareness (EDU)
  • Sexual Misconduct in Schools (EDU)
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention for Supervisors (California AB 1825) (EDU)
  • Spanish Version - Mandated Reporter Training for California (EDU)
  • Title IX and Sexual Misconduct (EDU)
  • Title IX in Higher Education: Sexual Misconduct (EDU)
  • Workplace Diversity (EDU)


  • Behavior Management Strategies
  • Bullying Risks for Students with Disabilities
  • Coping with Stress as a Paraeducator
  • IEP Collaboration Techniques
  • Individualized Education Programs (IEP): An Introduction
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA): An Introduction
  • Paraprofessionals: Understanding Your Role
  • Restraint and Seclusion: Uses, Alternatives and Risks
  • Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act: An Introduction
  • Student Discipline and the Law
  • Understanding Behaviors of Students with Special Needs
  • Understanding Inclusion for Special Needs Students
  • Aerosol Transmissible Diseases (EDU)
  • Asbestos Safety (EDU)
  • Athletes and Sudden Cardiac Arrest (EDU)
  • Avoiding Slips, Trips, and Falls (EDU)
  • Back Injury Prevention (EDU)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Safety (EDU)
  • Breaking Up Student Fights (EDU)
  • California Integrated Pest Management (EDU)
  • Classroom Safety - Special Education (EDU)
  • Computer Security Awareness (EDU)
  • Crossing Guard Safety (EDU)
  • Electrical Safety (EDU)
  • Emergency Operations Plans in Action (EDU)
  • Evacuating Students with Disabilities (EDU)
  • Everyday Safety in Classrooms (EDU)
  • FERPA: Protecting Student Privacy (EDU)
  • Fire Extinguisher Safety (EDU)
  • Fire Prevention Safety (EDU)
  • General First Aid Part 1 (EDU)
  • General First Aid Part 2 (EDU)
  • General Office Ergonomics (EDU)
  • Hazmat Spill Prevention & Control (EDU)
  • Hearing Conservation (EDU)
  • Incident Investigation (EDU)
  • Lead Awareness (EDU)
  • Liability in Sports (EDU)
  • Managing Difficult Behaviors (EDU)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (EDU)
  • Planning for an Emergency (EDU)
  • Playground Safety (EDU)
  • Playground Supervision (EDU)
  • Preventing Cyberbullying (EDU)
  • Proper Lifting (EDU)
  • Proper Lifting Library Operations (EDU)
  • Proper Use of Seclusion and Restraint (EDU)
  • Principal’s Recognition of Hazards on a School Campus (EDU)
  • Recognizing and Preventing Youth Suicide (EDU)
  • Respiratory Protection (EDU)
  • Safety in the Science Lab (EDU)
  • Science Laboratory: Chemical Spill Safety (EDU)
  • School Bullying (EDU)
  • School Shooting Awareness (EDU)
  • School Violence and Weapons (EDU)
  • Supervision and Oversight of Students (EDU)
  • Student Concussions (EDU)
  • Student Safety Restraint Systems (EDU)
  • Techniques for De-Escalation (EDU)
  • Wheelchair Securement and Safety (EDU)
  • Working in Extreme Temperatures: Working in Cold Climates (EDU)
  • Working in Extreme Temperatures: Heat Illness Prevention (EDU)
  • Workplace Violence (EDU)


  • Food Safety, Foodborne Illness & Kitchen Sanitation (EDU)
  • Food Service General Safety (EDU)
  • Food Services Proper Lifting (EDU)
  • School Meal Compliance (EDU)

Advanced Construction Safety (Modules 1–4)

Advanced HAZWOPER Awareness (Modules 1–4)
Aerosol Transmissible Diseases
Alcohol-Free Workplace
Asbestos Awareness
Back Injury Prevention
Bloodborne Pathogens Safety
Building Evacuation and Emergencies
Combustible & Flammable Liquids
Compressed Gas Safety
Confined-Space Entry
CPR Academic
Diet & Nutrition
Disaster Preparedness
Driving Safety
Drug-Free Workplace
Electrical Safety
Emergency Action Plans
Ergonomics in the Workplace
Eye Safety
Fall Protection
Fire Extinguisher Safety
Fire Prevention Safety
First Responder Operations Level Refresher (1–4)
Forklift Safety
General Construction Safety
General First Aid, Part 1
General First Aid, Part 2
General Office Ergonomics
Hand & Power Tool Safety
Hazard Communication
Hazardous Materials
HAZMAT Spill Prevention & Control
HAZMAT Transportation
Health & Wellness
Hearing Conservation
HIV/AIDS Awareness
Incident Investigation
Indoor Air Quality
Industrial Ergonomics
Introduction to Industrial Hygiene
Introduction to OSHA
Laboratory Safety
Ladder & Scaffolding Safety
Laser Safety
Lead Awareness
Lock-Out / Tag-Out
Machine Guarding
Office Safety
Personal Protective Equipment
Radiation Safety
Respiratory Protection
Risk Assessment Analysis
Safety and Health Programs
Slips, Trips, and Falls Prevention
Trenching & Shoring
Welding Safety
Working in Extreme Temperatures
Workplace Bullying
Workplace Stress
Workplace Violence




RedVector – Confined Spaces
RedVector – Fall Protection
RedVector – Hazard Communication
RedVector – Hearing Conservation
RedVector – Walking and Working Surfaces
RedVector – Ladder Safety
RedVector – Lead Safety Awareness
RedVector – Legionella Prevention and Control
RedVector – Incident Reporting and Investigation
RedVector – Crystalline Silica: Understanding the Hazards
RedVector – Eye and Face Protection
RedVector – Powered Industrial Trucks
RedVector – EHS Regulatory Overview
RedVector – Hand Safety
RedVector – Lockout/Tagout
RedVector – Electrical and Arc Flash Hazards
RedVector – Hazmat Transportation Safety Awareness
RedVector – Triethylaluminium Safety Awareness
RedVector – Hydrogen Sulfide Safety
RedVector – Ethylene Oxide Safety
RedVector – Combustible Dust - Things That Go Boom
RedVector – Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
RedVector – Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans & Fire Prevention Plans
RedVector – Personal Protective Equipment Selection and Proper Usage
RedVector – Flammable and Combustible Liquids
RedVector – Safety: Basics
RedVector – Bloodborne Pathogens
RedVector – General Recording Criteria
RedVector – Introduction to Powered Industrial Trucks
RedVector – Stairways and Ladders
RedVector – Back Safety: Protection and Treatment Basics
RedVector – Personal Protective Equipment
RedVector – Fatal Accidents & Prevention
RedVector – Preventing and Investigating Accidents