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Huntington Beach Union High School District

Contact Information

Administrative Support

Douglas W. Siembeida
Director, Special Education
714-903-7000 ext. 504411
Located at the District Office
Andrew Kuhlman
Inclusion Specialist
714-893-6571 ext. 134035

Clerical Support

Laura Akita

Transition Specialists

Courtney Winford, M.S.
Department Coordinator/Transition Specialist
714-500-8364 ext. 2
Jason Hartgraves
Transition Specialist
714-500-8364  ext. 1
Eric Abbascia
Transition Specialist
714-500-8364 ext. 3

Service Providers

Brenna King
Speech & Language Pathologist
Deborah Ward, Ph. D.
School Psychologist
714-500-8364 ext. 4
*Instructional Assistants

Mark Alvarado
Jay Gardner
Aaron McBeaty
Samuel Nguyen
Cecilia Rizzo
Hannah Thomas
* Please contact Transition Specialists to reach Instructional Assistants.