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Huntington Beach Union High School District


Public Information Coordinator Contact Information 


Kayla Holmes

Public Information Coordinator

(714) 903-7000 Ext. 50216

[email protected] 


Public Information Office 


Through website engagement, social media, and various communication (traditional and new) outlets, the Huntington Beach High School District continuously strives to create a more effective, unique, and innovative footprint.



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News and Alerts


Media Protocol

All media inquiries regarding Huntington Beach Union High School District matters should be referred to the District’s Public Information Coordinator. Responses will then be coordinated with appropriate administrators to ensure a unified response.

Members of the media who wish to attend a school event, please make arrangements in advance with the Public Information Coordinator, who will work to coordinate with the school site. 

Huntington Beach Union High School District encourages administrators to make every effort to accommodate the reasonable requests of news media for access to schools. School officials, however, may deny access when they believe that the media's presence may be disruptive, interfere with classes, or infringe upon other school activities.

CONTACT: [email protected]