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Huntington Beach Union High School District

Maintenance, Operations, Transportation & Public Safety

Contact Information

7180 Yorktown Avenue

Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Phone (714) 536-8303

Fax (714) 536-0476

Mark Hansberger
Director, Maintenance, Operations & Transportation
Ext. 410
Jeff Hutchings
Manager, Maintenance and Operations 
Ext. 415
Sam Meek
Bus Dispatch Supervisor
Ext. 407
Kevin Bennett
Driver Trainer
Ext. 408
Mandee Baird
Public Safety Dispatcher
Pam Jameson
Administrative Secretary
Ext. 403
Erin Caya
Administrative Secretary
Ext. 402





The Huntington Beach Union High School District Transportation Department proudly serves six comprehensive high schools and two alternative high schools.  Our Bus Drivers are hand-picked to carefully and efficiently transport students on a daily basis.  Our entire team is committed to customer service with safety at the forefront of all that we do.




Home-to-school transportation for special needs students (per IEP – Individual Education Plan).


Field trip transportation for athletics and activities groups.




Home-to-School Transportation Eligibility


Eligibility is determined by the student's current Individual Education Plan (IEP).  Questions should be directed to the student's teacher or case manager. 


Pick-Up or Drop-Off Changes


Please be advised that it may take up to 3 business days for a student to be placed on a bus route once school has begun.  Additionally, changes to pick-up and drop-off locations may take 3 business days to process and MUST be submitted to the Special Ed office at your school.  Your school will contact the Transportation Department in writing with the updated information.  Please note that pick-up and drop-off times may change throughout the school year if there are ridership changes/adjustments.


Bus Waiting Time


Pick-Up:  As morning pick-up follows a tight timeline, please be sure that your child is ready for pick-up at the assigned pick-up time.  Buses will wait approx. 2 minutes before continuing on.


Drop-Off:  If your child cannot be left alone, please be sure that a parent, guardian or authorized individual is available upon drop off.  Our drivers are not able to call or text when the bus is on the way to your home. 


As school schedules often fluctuate, please be mindful of late start days, testing schedules, etc.  Bell schedule information can be found on your school's website.




Trip Submittal


Field Trip Requests shall be made utilizing our specialized website:

Please contact your Activities Secretary if you do not have a username or password. 


All requests must be submitted at the same time that you submit the trip for Board Approval.


In the event that your trip is not approved, you can simply cancel the trip. 


At minimum - all trips should be submitted 30 days prior to the event.  This allows the Transportation Department to coordinate staff and buses accordingly.  We have limited resources and must satisfy as many requests for transportation as possible.


Exceptions will be made for CIF Playoffs and games that have been rescheduled due to inclement weather.


Charter Bus Trips


Trips over 100 miles, during the school year, will require charter services. 


If we do not have the staff or bus resources to complete a trip in-house, the Dispatcher will charter an outside company.  Every effort is made to avoid this as charters can be much costlier by comparison.


The Transportation Department has several resources available including local school districts and contracted companies.


 ***Important*** if you would like to specifically request a charter bus, you MUST contact the Transportation Department to do so.  Please reserve charters early (4-6 months ahead) due to limited availability and resources.  Note: Board Policy AR 3541.1 states that all requests for charter services must go through the Transportation Department – this includes donated charter services


Last Minute Changes/Cancellations


Please notify your activities secretary immediately.  If they are not available, please contact the Transportation Department directly. 




Trip Submittal/Approval


Trips shall be submitted by teachers/coaches/advisers via


The Activities Secretaries must review trips for accuracy and approve them in a timely manner.

Please contact the Transportation Department if you need to have an activity added to the trip request site or if you need assistance setting up a new user.




Transportation Requests


The Transportation Request Form is located in the SEIS program within the document library.  Please utilize this form for all new student requests for transportation and changes to existing requests.


Please contact the Ed Services Dept. Secretary at the District Office #50 ext. 504411 with any questions or access issues.




Can buses use the toll roads?


Our buses are able to utilize the 73, 133, 241, 261 toll roads.

We are NOT able to use the 91 Express lanes.


Can a coach, teacher or adviser book a Charter Bus/Coach?


Please contact the Transportation Department at (714) 536-8303 to see if an authorized and vetted charter bus company is available for your trip.

What if my child is ill and does not need bus services for a particular day?


Please call the Transportation Office at (714) 536-8303.


I am a parent and we are moving.  How do we make sure the bus driver knows?


Contact your Special Ed department or case manager at your child’s school and give them the updated information.  They will contact the Transportation Office in writing.