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Google Apps for Education

About Google Apps

Huntington Beach Union High School District (HBUHSD) joined the growing ranks of schools using Google Apps for Education with our staff and students in 2010. The decision was made to address the growing need for more advanced tools in the classroom and to provide students with an accessible productivity and communication suite that would serve them throughout their high school career and beyond.

Since Google Apps' introduction teachers have been using the various applications provided to improve communication with their students as well as encourage cooperation and collaboration in the classroom. In the office it’s allowed our support staff to operate more efficiently ultimately saving money that goes right back into the classroom.

More recently HBUHSD has decided to leverage the power of the Google Apps platform again by investing in Chromebooks for mobile and classroom labs to ensure that every student has the equipment necessary to take advantage of these tools. The ease of deployment and maintenance of these Chromebooks and power of Google Apps further allows our technical staff to continue to provide the highest quality service where it’s most beneficial to our students.

The pace that technology changes and advances requires continual review and adjustment. HBUHSD remains dedicated to providing the highest quality tools offered by modern technology that hold the greatest value to the future success of our students.

Please send any questions or inquiries to the webmaster.

Opt Out of Google Apps for Education

Huntington Beach Union High School District will be utilizing Google Apps for Education to assist in collaborative sharing of resources by teachers and students. These accounts will be used for school related projects, but may also be used outside of school by students. The mastery of effective and proper email communications by students is included in the ISTE NETS Standards, in addition to allowing access to the wealth of collaborative tools available to students and teachers once these accounts are assigned.

All students will be assigned a Google Apps account which will provide access to email and site content. The rules governing proper electronic communications by students are included in the Technology Acceptable Use Policy that is part of the Annual Parent Notifications & Educational Planning Guide. This account is housed on Google servers, thereby giving your student access to Google Docs (word processor, spreadsheet, drawing, and presentation software), instant messaging, email, calendar, website authoring tools, plus additional services on school and home computers. This will allow your student to collaborate with teachers and other students as well as share information with family, friends, and other Internet users.

Official Email Address: Students will be assigned a unique student email account. This account will be considered the student’s official school email address until such time as the student is no longer enrolled in Huntington Beach Union High School District. This email address is located within the Parent/Student portal for your review.

Conduct: Students are responsible for good behavior just as they are in a traditional school building. Student accounts may not be used in the following ways: Unlawful activities; using obscene, profane, threatening, or disrespectful language; commercial purposes; personal financial gain; false identity in email communications; misrepresentation of the HBUHSD; interference with HBUHSD technology operations. Bullying will not be tolerated and the privacy of others should be respected at all times.

Access Restriction: Access to and use of Google Apps for Education is considered a privilege accorded at the discretion of Huntington Beach Union High School District. The District maintains the right to immediately withdraw the access and use of the account when there is reason to believe that violations of law or School Board policies have occurred. In such cases, the alleged violation will be referred to the Principal or designee for further investigation and application of necessary consequences as indicated in the Annual Parent Notifications & Educational Planning Guide.

Security: Huntington Beach Union High School District cannot and does not guarantee the security of electronic files located on Google systems. Although Google does have a powerful content filter in place, the School Board cannot assure that users will not be exposed to non -educational material.

Privacy: The School Board reserves the right to access and review content in the Google Apps for Education system at any time. The School Board complies with all state and federal privacy laws. As with any educational endeavor, we feel that a strong partnership with families is essential to a successful experience.

If you do NOT want your child to have access to a Google Apps account, please fill out and return this form to your child’s school.

Opt Out Form - (PDF)

After Graduation

This section contains information about what will happen to your Google Apps account at HBUHSD after graduation. Is also provides information about what you need to do in order to save messages, files and other data currently stored in your account.

The cut off date for when the account will be turned off is December 31 the following completion. You must act before this time to avoid losing emails and documents attached to your account.

Google Mail at HBUHSD

Your district-provided email account and all your messages will be deleted after December 31 following completion. Anything in your email at that time will be permanently lost and not recoverable and messages sent to your student address will bounce back to the sender. If you want to save the email in your student account, you will need to either print it out, save it to a disk, or forward it to another account. It is not possible to redirect email messages sent to your student account after that time as usernames will be purged and deleted.

Google Apps at HBUHSD

When your account expires after December 31, you will also lose access to your files stored at Google Apps at HBUHSD and those files (such as documents, presentations, images, spreadsheets, calendar entries, etc.) will be permanently deleted shortly thereafter. If you have any content stored at Google Drive at HBUHSD, you will need to transfer ownership of your Google files, or, save copies of your documents to disk in order to preserve them.

Preserving your Messages and Files

To maintain after-graduation access to the Google Apps files you created as a HBUHSD student, you must transfer ownership of those files to yourself using a non-HBUHSD Gmail account. Google Apps will not allow you to share ownership of the site with a non-Google email account. Google provides multiple methods to accomplish this.  You may either Change Ownership, use the Google Takeout service or simply Save/Download you documents to a flash drive

If you do not already have a free Gmail (Google) email account, go to the Gmail home page click on “Create an account,” and follow the instructions to create a new email account. Once you have a valid Gmail account, you may use this address to change ownership of your current Google Apps at HBUHSD files. Once you have confirmed this email account, log out of your new private Gmail account.

Google Takeout is a service from Google allowing you to download data associated with your Google Account. Migrating your data to another account will allow you to:

● Transfer all your documents from your School Account to a new Gmail Account
● Take your Portfolio of work with you!

  1. Create a New Gmail Account before you begin.
  2. Login to your School Account at
  3. Enter the email address of the destination account you will transfer your files and emails to.
  4. A code will be sent to your new account. Login to the at your new account to find your code.
  5. Enter the verification code into the box provided.
  6. Select the content you want to transfer
    1. Gmail
    2. Drive Files
  7. Click Start Transfer.

The transfer process may take up to a week. Check your new account regularly to see if the
process has been completed.

Change Ownership of Your Google Files

  1. Log in to your Google Apps at HBUHSD as usual Click on the “More Actions” button, then click on “Site Permissions.”
  2. In the Sharing Settings dialog box, add your new Gmail address in the “Add people” box. Choose “Is owner” from the drop-down menu to the right. Be sure to check the option to send email notifications. Click the Share button and close.
  3. Your new personal Gmail account will soon receive an email with the URL of your Google file. Do this for every file that you have created using your Google Apps at HBUHSD account.
  4. After you leave HBUHSD you will be able to access your Google Sites using your new Google account. Just go to Google and log in with your new username and password.

Save your Google Docs files (Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Forms). All of the Google Docs that you created as a student can be downloaded to your home computer or a flash drive with one easy operation.

  1. All Google items can be downloaded from any computer with Internet access. Log in to your Google Apps at HBUHSD account ( or from the District home page. Go to the Documents home page. Move your cursor over a document, presentation, or spreadsheet to highlight it, and click on the “Actions” link that appears to the right. Choose “Download…”
  2. When the download dialog box appears, choose the All Items tab, then select the file formats you would like to use to download your documents. In most cases, nothing has to be changed here. Click “Download” to begin zipping your files.
  3. Wait for your files to be downloaded; do not choose any other option. You will have the option to unzip (unarchive) or save your file; choose Save File. Locate your saved file in the downloads directory and move it to your chosen location.

Here’s a quick checklist of things you need to do in order to not get caught off guard or lose any valuable files.

  • If you do not already have one, get a non-HBUHSD email account.
  • Start migrating to a non-HBUHSD email account now and give that address to people who need to reach you after graduation.
  • Print, save, or redirect the email you want to keep.
  • Transfer ownership of your files to your new Google account.
  • You have until December 31 to direct and forward your messages there.

Additional Resources

If you have additional questions that haven’t been answered in this message or need assistance with saving the contents of your email please contact the webmaster.