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Huntington Beach Union High School District

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Medical Insurance

HBUHSD offers medical coverage to benefit eligible employees and their eligible dependents. Our medical benefits are designed to help maintain wellness and protect you and your family from major financial hardship in the event of illness or injury.

Below we have provided frequently requested information as well as a brief description of the plans.

Kaiser HMO

The Kaiser HMO plan offers comprehensive coverage. Care is provided or coordinated through each member’s primary care physician (PCP). You and your family members must seek care through a Kaiser facility (except for emergency care).

You can contact Kaiser at 800-464-4000 or visit their website at

Pharmacy coverage with Kaiser is provided directly through Kaiser.

Kaiser also now offers limited out of area/state coverage through the Minute Clinic!  Please see the flyer below.

United Healthcare HMO

When you enroll in the UHC HMO plan, you choose a primary care physician (PCP) for each enrolled family member from a medical group or IPA. The PCP will coordinate and provide all of your care, including hospital admissions. There may be a time when your primary care doctor says you need to go to the hospital. If it is not an emergency, the medical group will look into whether or not it is medically necessary. If the medical group approves your hospital stay, you will need to go to a hospital that works with your medical group. You will need a referral from your PCP if you need to see a specialist.

You can contact United Healthcare at 888-586-6365 or visit their website at

Pharmacy Coverage with United Healthcare is provided through Express Scripts - 800-918-8011.

UMR PPO - A United Healthcare Company

The UMR PPO plan offers an extensive network that includes physicians, hospitals, and other types of health care providers. As long as you use providers who participate in the network, your care will be covered at the highest benefit level— generally 90%, after deductible. For some services, co‐payments are required. A referral from a PCP is not required in order for you to see a specialist. You always have the option to be treated by non-network providers; however, services are then covered at 60% of usual and customary charges, higher deductible amounts apply and claim forms are required. Please refer to the schedule of benefits in this brochure for more information.

You can contact UMR at 800-826-9781 or visit their website at

Pharmacy Coverage with United Healthcare is provided through Express Scripts - 800-918-8011

Out of State UMR PPO - A United Healthcare Company

When your child dependent is living out of state, you can move them to the Out of State PPO plan.  This is only offered for our United Healthcare Plans.  This offers coverage for those dependents who would not have coverage on an HMO and a more comprehensive network for the the PPO dependents.

Chiropractic & Acupuncture Care

Chiropractic and acupuncture care is covered through OPTUM Health - Physical Health of California.  Your benefits include:

  • Unlimited visits (subject to medical necessity)
  • Copays that align with your PCP office visit copay
  • X-rays as authorized
  • 100% coverage for durable medical equipment up to $50 

If your PCP copay is: Your Chiropractic/Acupuncture copay is:
$0, $5, or $10  $10 
 $15, $20, or $25  $20 
$30, $35, or $40   $30 

You can contact OPTUM at 800-428-6337 or visit their website at