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Huntington Beach Union High School District

Huntington Beach High seniors named OC Varsity Arts Top 10 "Artist of the Year" in vocal music and theater

Both Josh and Laura were initially recognized in the theater group along with 73 other nominees. Each student included in this group specializes in a certain aspect of theater; making them either a performer, designer, director, or technician.
Josh is a theater technician focused on the areas of sound design, lighting design, and video. When asked about his work, Josh had this to say: "I strive to be as passionate as I possibly can to produce the best design for the task at hand."
Laura, an artist of many talents, enjoys focusing on the areas of comedic/dramatic acting, musical theater performance, directing, playwriting, and improv. When asked about theater, Laura recalled an instance that determined her devotion to the craft: "It was so inspiring to me that he (John Cameron Mitchell) could cause audiences to have such an emotional response, and even change lives with his performance like he did mine."
Over the next few weeks, the Top 10 artists in each category (theater, dance, instrumental music, vocal music, visual arts, and film) will be further evaluated in order to determine the top Artist of the Year in each group.
CLICK HERE to read more and see the full list of OCVarsity Arts Top 10 Artist of the Year in the theater and dance categories courtesy of the Orange County Register.
Katherine, a senior at HBHS, was initially recognized among a group of 60 vocal music nominees throughout Orange County. After an extensive review process, a panel of local art teachers reviewed each nominee and selected the top 10 from the group -- Katherine included!
When asked about her artistic aspirations, Katherine had this to say: "I want to pursue (singing professionally) because I think it is amazing that I can have a job that makes me happy because I am doing what I love, but at the same time I am able to bring joy to people that I have never met before. Someone could be going through a rough time and if I am able to bring them a little joy during my performance, then I feel as though I have succeeded in doing my job."
CLICK HERE see the full list of OCVarsity Arts Top 10 "Artist of the Year" in the instrumental and vocal music categories courtesy of the Orange County Register.
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